General terms and conditions of use of the website on the 05/25/2018

1. Object

The website (hereafter mentioned as "Website") offers to every natural or legal person (hereafter the "user" or "you") access to free online conversion service (hereafter).

These General terms and conditions of use are intended to determine the rules and the terms of use by the User of the Website and the service which are represented by the ICHWA company (hereinafter "we" or "our") who is the owner.

The user also has access via the Legal Notice section to the editor and the host of the website information.

2. Service content

The website offers a service of free, secure and confidential, online PDF conversion, accessible on the Internet.

Every user can convert files in PDF format, download the converted PDFs and/or send them to their contacts via a form.

The size of the file to be converted is limited to 10 MB per file. There is no limit to the number of files each user can convert.

The conversion Service is secure. The website navigation is provided exclusively through the secure https protocol. No file or password are stored or saved on our servers.

3. Acceptance of terms of use

It is stated that the use of the Website and Service is subject to the unqualified acceptance and respect by the user of these terms of use.

We may change these terms at any time.

The terms of use in force are available at any time on the Website and can be downloaded and/or printed.

4.Confidentiality - Computing and Liberties

Use of the Site and provision of the Service may result in Ichwa and its partners processing the User's personal data.

The terms of this treatment are detailed in our Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the present General Conditions of Use.

5. Obligations and responsibilities of the user

5.1 Obligations

Before submitting a document to the conversion service, the user must ensure that he is allowed to do so. It must either be the author, or the User must have obtained the document with the permission of the copyright holder. The Website cannot be held responsible for any breach of this clause.

The user acknowledges that the converted document is held by the author of the original document. Thus, the user should not publish the converted documents without the prior agreement of the author.

5.2 Responsibilities

We cannot be held responsible for the converted files by the user via the Site and the Service.

The user is solely responsible for the data they send to the servers of

The user is liable for damages and losses of any kind, material or immaterial, direct and indirect caused to third parties and to ICHWA due to the use or illicit exploitation of its Service.

The user undertakes to inform us of any content deemed contrary to these terms and conditions and/or patently unlawful.

The user is committed to respond to any request for information from ICHWA through the email address indicated during the creation of their account.

6. Restriction of access and suspension of the Service

In case of failure on the part of the user to these terms, we reserve the right to block their access to the Service at any time and with immediate effect, without prejudice to any legal action which might be brought by ICHWA and all damages and interest that may be charged to the User.

7. Limitation of liability

We offer no guarantee for the use of the Website and the Service. The service can be used for professional or personal purposes. However, ICHWA assumes no liability for the consequences of the use of the files converted through its service.

We cannot guarantee in any way that the online conversion service is likely to satisfy the needs and expectations of the user. We cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage and including any commercial, moral or financial harm arising from the use of the Website and service or the impossibility to use them.

The ICHWA responsibility could not be engaged in any capacity whether, and while this list is not restrictive, in case of modification, suspension or interruption of the Site or the service.

We may discontinue the Website and/or Service for maintenance reasons. We are not required to notify and warn the User of this interruption. This interruption can in no way engage the responsibility of ICHWA and do not open rights to any compensation.

We bring special attention to safety so we have set up several procedures and tools including the use of an https protocol. We cannot be held responsible if, despite these safety precautions, the user files were intercepted, copied, changed, damaged or destroyed.

The user is solely responsible for the files that they convert and that they communicate to any third party through the Website, for it is transmitted in a public or private setting. Therefore, ICHWA cannot be held responsible for the content provided by users through the service.

8. Warranties

You agree to ensure ICHWA against any action that would be brought against them, or any complaints that would be filed against them, by a third party, due to use by yourself, or under the control of your identifier and your password, of the service under conditions that does not conform to these terms of use. This warranty covers any amount ICHWA would be required to pay in any capacity whatsoever, including attorney and court fees recognized or spoken.

Use of the Service is void of any kind of warranty. ICHWA gives no express or implied warranty , as to the use of the Service by the user, including availability, timeliness, current, reliable, and useful character of the Website, the Service and the content.

9. Intellectual property rights

Conv2pdf a registered trademark with the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property). Graphics, images and texts on the Website are the property of the company ICHWA S.A.R.L. Any total or partial copy outside the normal use of the Website, is subject to the written authorization of ICHWA or may face prosecution. However, the User is allowed to save or print the present general terms of use.

The User who has a personal Website and who wishes to place a simple link directly on the homepage of their website, for personal use, must get the authorization from ICHWA. It will not be in this case an implicit affiliation agreement. On the other hand, any hypertext link referring to the Website and using the technique of deep-linking, framing, in-line linking or any other technique of deep connection is forbidden. In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed on request of ICHWA.

10. Applicable law

These terms of use are entirely subject to the French law.

All disputes regarding these terms of use concerning their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their termination, their consequences and their aftermath will require an attempt at dispute resolution. Failing settlement, the litigation will be subject to the jurisdiction of the commercial court of Bordeaux.

11. Severability of provisions

The invalidity or unenforceability of one or more of the provisions of these terms of use will not result in their invalidity.