PDF sharing and other website improvements

After 2019 was marked by many technical changes, 2020 starts with very interesting features. Indeed, one of the important feature that was added is the possibility of sharing the created PDF. This feature completes the option of sending the PDF by email. In addition, there are other new features which are part of a process to continuously improve the website. This is implemented in order to offer our users an efficient and secure application at all time.

Link to share the PDF files

After creating your PDF, in addition to downloading it, you now have the possibility to create a confidential link that will allow you to access your PDF later on or from another location.

Therefore, if you use this feature, your PDF is no longer deleted after a few minutes but beyond the validity date of your link. The validity date of your link is set by default to 7 days with the possibility of personalizing this duration.

This confidential link is accessible only by the person who created the PDF and can be used in several ways:

Sending the PDF by email

This functionality replaces the one that existed previously which consisted in sending the PDF as an attachment in the email sent to your recipients. Indeed, the old mode of operation suffered from certain limits such as the possible large size of the generated PDF which prevented the email from being sent. Also, some email providers would consider these attachments as suspicious which caused these emails to be blocked.

Now it is no longer the file itself that is sent to your contacts, but the confidential link that will allow them to download the PDF. This link is valid for a period defined by the sender of the email.

Sharing on social media

In addition to sending by email, another possibility offered to you is to share the link generated on social media. Indeed, three media are offered today (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and others can be added quickly if necessary. Do not hesitate to submit your suggestions in this regard.

Free use

Apart from sending by email or sharing on social networks via our website, you have the possibility of using the download link of your file at your convenience.

You can therefore use the icon reserved for this purpose in order to copy it and then use it as desired in forums, blogs and others.

Improvement and redesign of certain interfaces

We were not going to integrate new functionalities into Conv2pdf without asking ourselves what we were going to modify, add and improve in terms of presentation and design. That is in order to make the website even more refined and easy to use. We have therefore updated the majority of the pages:

Home page

In order to make the main page of the website more readable, we have made several changes. Indeed, we started by reducing the presentation of the service at the beginning of the page. It made the entry field of the file to convert even more readable than it was before.

This page was then supplemented by some questions from the FAQ and others questions that are often asked. This makes them faster to access and the answers easier to find.

The format that can be converted to PDF that were initially accessible by hovering over the exclamation point in the field of the file to convert, are now the subject of a specific page.

Download page

With the addition of file sharing with a confidential link, this page has been revised to give you quick access to the various functions. In fact, in addition to the "Download" button, you now have a share button that will allow you, by clicking on it, to generate a sharing link with the possibility of free copying, sending by email or sharing on certain social networks.

Share page

A new page allows you to access and download your file from the share link.

Other pages

Several other pages have undergone more or less important updates like the waiting page and the contact page. Frequently asked questions deserve also a good redesign, but there’s no doubt that it will be done in the coming weeks.

Technical improvements over and over again

As with every change, we couldn't help but improve and update certain components of our infrastructure to make it even faster and safer. Other changes have also taken place on our API allowing automated conversions to PDF but this will probably be the subject of another announcement.