Compliance with GDPR law

May 25, 2018

Today, 05/25/2018, the European Data Protection Act also known as GDPR (or ABCD for some who have difficulty remembering this acronym) enters into force. See more

Geolocated servers for quick access to your online service

Mar 12, 2018

After several tests, deployments and changes, it's done, the new decentralized architecture of our servers hosting conv2pdf is in place. From now on, the front-end servers hosting the sites (French and English versions) will be accessible via 4 locations around the world: Paris in France, Frankfurt in Germany, the US East Coast in New Jersey and the West Coast in Silicon Valley.

Our users around the world will then be automatically redirected before they arrive on conv2pdf to the server geographically closest to their location. This will allow them faster access to the site in order to make it more fluid and more pleasant to use.

These new servers will be managed by our new host Vultr which will be added to OVH our historical host. The legal mentions of the site have been updated accordingly.

New button: Convert another file

Jan 13, 2018

Following your feedbacks, a new button allowing you to perform a new conversion has been added in the result page.

Icons: There's something for everyone

Jan 9, 2018

For a better identification of conv2pdf, several icons have been set up for the different platforms and OS. These icons will allow direct and fast access to our service.

CloudFront is our new CDN

Jan 4, 2018

Always with the goal of improving your experience on our service, we announce you that we have just replace our usual CDN provider (OVH) with CloudFront (Amazon). Indeed, CloudFront has a more access points (POP) around the world, which is a significant advantage in terms of proximity with our users.

This CDN change aims to accelerate the delivery time of the site's static objects (images, style sheets and scripts) regardless of your location around the world.