Security: second antivirus

Nov 21, 2017

In order to always offer the best security to our platform and therefore to our users, we have just deployed a second antivirus on our servers hosting the conv2pdf site.

This new protection will be added upstream of all those deployed on API servers.

New email provider: SendInBlue

Nov 15, 2017

For a long time we have had many problems with MailJet, our email provider. Indeed, problems of false positives have often caused the blocking of our possibility of sending your emails and this for periods sometimes exceeding 24 hours. These blockages have also generated the loss of a number of your emails and we apologize for this.

We therefore decided to go back to another provider and several of them were tested. Today we are pleased to announce that our choice has fixed on SendInBlue which allows us since a few weeks to exceed +97% of derivability of your emails sent via our platform and this without any period of unavailability.

So we will finally be able to forget this critical point and provide you with the quality you expected from a service like ours.

Support for non-compatible browsers

Oct 5, 2017

Since the implementation of the new version of the site, some of our users have informed us of the impossibility of using our service and this on several occasions. We have done a lot of research into the cause of these dysfunctions but we had never been able to reproduce the problems described.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have finally isolated this problem: It is indeed an incompatibility between some old browser versions and the upload component of dropzone.js files that we have just introduced in the new version of the site.

Based on this observation, we have implemented a modification of our current upload system to better meet your needs. This change will allow users with non-compatible browsers to access a degraded mode operation in order to perform their conversions.

We invite you however to update your browsers for a better use of our services and the Internet in a global way.

End of platform stabilization

Sep 19, 2017

Since the launch of the new version of Conv2pdf, we have carried out several adaptations of the site as well as a certain number of configuration changes in order to better meet your needs. We have also integrated your many feedback and remarks.

After a series of almost daily updates, we are pleased to announce that the new version conv2pdf has now matured to the desired level of stability. We will now be able to project towards the future in order to start integrating the different improvements and new functionalities planned.

Your online converter gets a makeover!

Feb 22, 2017

After several months of work, we are pleased to introduce the new website.

With a new, more modern and refined design, Conv2pdf has been redesigned to offer a fluid navigation and a fast and intuitive conversion but also has other additions:

- Adaptability to all your devices (computers, tablets and Smartphones),
- Increase in the size of the files to be converted. Now you can convert files up to 10 MB instead of 6 MB,
- Extension of the PDF options: access permission, print, extraction of the content, adding comments, etc
- Ability to attach multiple files to your PDF when it is sent via the form provided for that purpose,
- Securing and encrypting all exchanges between your browser and our servers using the https protocol.

We hope you enjoy browsing and converting your files on the new website.