Compliance with GDPR law

Today, 05/25/2018, the European Data Protection Act also known as GDPR (or ABCD for some who have difficulty remembering this acronym) enters into force.

Despite the increased complexity to go through and dissect this law, its purpose remains more than commendable and constitutes a major step forward in the protection of your data.

After several weeks of work, we are pleased to announce the update of our privacy policy in order to detail how we process the data you entrust to us.

In reality, we hadn’t had to make any major changes to the way we operated because in reality we were already respecting the GDPR even before its existence. Indeed, since the launch of conv2pdf, we have made respect and protection of your data a matter of honor in our operation. We had never requested or used any of your data unless it was necessary to comply with the applicable law or for proper functioning of the site and its services.

However, we took advantage of this opportunity to better select our partnerships (advertising, sending emails, hosting, …) in order to collaborate only with those who share our philosophy of work and policy by respect for your data to always offer you the best service.

However, we remain at your disposal for any questions you may have on this subject.