GDPR, what else?

May 25, 2018

Today, 05/25/2018, the European Data Protection Act also known as GDPR (or ABCD for some who have difficulty remembering this acronym) enters into force.

Despite the increased complexity to go through and dissect this law, its purpose remains more than commendable and constitutes a major step forward in the protection of your data.

After several weeks of work, we are pleased to announce the update of our privacy policy in order to detail how we process the data you entrust to us. This document is available at the following page:

In reality, we hadn’t had to make any major changes to the way we operated because in reality we were already respecting the GDPR even before its existence. Indeed, since the launch of conv2pdf, we have made respect and protection of your data a matter of honor in our operation. We had never requested or used any of your data unless it was necessary to comply with the applicable law or for proper functioning of the site and its services.

However, we took advantage of this opportunity to better select our partnerships (advertising, sending emails, hosting, …) in order to collaborate only with those who share our philosophy of work and policy by respect for your data to always offer you the best service.

However, we remain at your disposal for any questions you may have on this subject.

Servers as close as possible to your home

Mar 12, 2018

After several tests, deployments and changes, it's done, the new decentralized architecture of our servers hosting conv2pdf is in place.

From now on, the front-end servers hosting the sites (French and English versions) will be accessible via 4 locations around the world: Paris in France, Frankfurt in Germany, the US East Coast in New Jersey and the West Coast in Silicon Valley.

Our users around the world will then be automatically redirected before they arrive on conv2pdf to the server geographically closest to their location. This will allow them faster access to the site in order to make it more fluid and more pleasant to use.

These new servers will be managed by our new host Vultr which will be added to OVH our historical host. The legal mentions of the site have been updated accordingly.

New button: Convert another file

Jan 13, 2018

Following your feedbacks, a new button allowing you to perform a new conversion has been added in the result page.

Icons: There's something for everyone

Jan 9, 2018

For a better identification of conv2pdf, several icons have been set up for the different platforms and OS. These icons will allow direct and fast access to our service.

CloudFront is our new CDN

Jan 4, 2018

Always with the goal of improving your experience on our service, we announce you that we have just replace our usual CDN provider (OVH) with CloudFront (Amazon). Indeed, CloudFront has a more access points (POP) around the world, which is a significant advantage in terms of proximity with our users.

This CDN change aims to accelerate the delivery time of the site's static objects (images, style sheets and scripts) regardless of your location around the world.

Conv2pdf in Singapore (Asia)

Jan 2, 2018

After Beauhamois in Quebec a few weeks ago, it's Singapore's turn in Asia to host Conv2pdf servers. These servers will aim to make the use of Conv2pdf more fluid for our users in Asia in general and our users in India in particular.

At the same time, we are announcing that we will accelerate our implementation in the coming weeks to cover several other areas around the world.

More than 50 million converted files

Dec 20, 2017

It is with a certain emotion that we announce that Conv2pdf has just crossed the 50 million converted files.

Launched in 2007 with the aim of making the conversion to pdf accessible to all, this site quickly met a small success with loyal users who have trusted us for a few years now thanks in particular to its ease of use and quality of its pdf files.

50 million converted files is a significant figure but which remains rather modest compared to what we can and we could still accomplish. Indeed, we have stagnated for a few years by contenting ourselves with the services available and this was a mistake in an increasingly fast internet world.

We assume this responsibility and we draw the consequences by launching a whole set of projects that is beginning to emerge: Redesign of the site with a new more modern design and adaptation to mobile + HTTPS protocol to secure your exchanges + Offshore server architecture to be as close as possible to you and make the use of the site even more fluid and more enjoyable + A set of other features already in place or under development.

We will also particularly focus on the English version of the site, which is struggling to convince even though its potential is very important.

In short, expect to see a service that will now evolve rapidly and in an important way always to satisfy you as well as possible and who knows, perhaps one day we'll be there to announce that we've broken the 1 billion file conversion barrier.

Conv2pdf in Beauhamois (Quebec)

Dec 7, 2017

In order to approach our service as close as possible to our users and to improve your experience on our converter, we are pleased to announce the installation of our first servers outside France. These servers located in Beauhamois, Quebec have the objective of facilitating the use of our service to our North American users by reducing site latencies and response times.

This implementation is a first step on a broader plan that will improve our presence in other places across the globe.