Frequently asked questions

General information

No Conv2pdf software is sold or offered for sale. As a matter of fact, is a free online converter to get unlimited conversions without any subscription or installation.

To read a document in PDF format, you must install a reader such as Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF etc. has been designed in a way that its graphic design and its features are optimized and adapted to all media. This way, the site automatically adjusts to the size and resolution of your screen (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Once the conversion is done, a new page is displayed with two icons, one of which allows you to download your PDF file to your computer. The PDF will then be saved in your download by default.

Conv2pdf allows you to convert documents and files for up to 10 MB. For larger files, we suggest that you compress them in zip format beforehand in order to reduce their size.

You can convert dozens of formats to PDF such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), LibreOffice, Images…The formats and their extensions are detailed on the "formats convertible to PDF" page.

Once your document has been converted, you can share your PDF with your contacts in three different ways: sending by email, sharing via social networks or free use of the generated link. For more details, we suggest that you consult the "Share a PDF file" page created for this purpose.

Conversion quality

The font in your document is probably not a standard font. In this case, thanks for reporting his name or send the .ttf file in order to integrate it into our conversion system.

First and foremost, we recommend that you check the fonts used in your original document and communicate those fonts which have been replaced, as described in the previous answer. If the problem persists, feel free to send us your original document.

The identification of a file type can actually fail if the file is corrupted. That happens if the identification is based on the header of the file and not on its name or its extension. For example: renaming a non-convertible file "exemple.exe" in "exemple.ppt" does not turn him into a PowerPoint file. Thus, the conversion of this file can not be executed!

For the conversion to take place, the compressed file must contain a single convertible file and no folders. In addition, please make sure that the file is not protected by a password.

Merging several documents is not yet available through our service.

Before starting the conversion, you can protect your PDF with a password before opening. To do this, just click on "Show more options", check the box "Require a password" and then enter the password of your choice.

Editing of PDF documents is only possible using one of the editing PDF documents software such as Acrobat Writer.

Hypertext links (clickable links) contained in the original file remain active after conversion to PDF without any limitation on the number of these links.

Confidentiality and security

When you convert a file on our site, navigation and all exchanges between your media (computer, tablet or Smartphone) and our servers are made exclusively via the secure https protocol. Your data is completely secure and encrypted and no interception is possible.

We do not save any copy of the original documents. The original file is actually immediately and automatically deleted from our servers after its conversion and the data regarding its content is not stored or communicated to third parties.

Only people that you send the PDF to or the ones you share the sharing link with can download the PDF. The duration of availability of the link is defined by default. It is available 7 days starting the day of conversion. However, you can change the validity date by clicking on the calendar icon in the "Share your document" window.

The PDF obtained after conversion is deleted from our servers by an automatic process after 15 to 30 minutes of their creation. No data concerning their content is saved or communicated to a third party. However, if after the conversion you click on the “Share” button, your file will be saved in an encrypted manner for a default duration of 7 days starting the day of the conversion or for the duration that you select. After the validity date, the PDF is deleted from our servers. No personal data concerning its content is saved or transmitted to a third party.

For security and confidentiality reasons, we cannot send you the PDF obtained after conversion nor its sharing link.